I've found it hard to write over the last few years. Instead of putting pressure on myself to write new things, I'm compiling draft and finished essays from over the years and hoping that in doing so I might get back into flow. I also want to get over the block I have about sharing personal writing. Perhaps for some my words may resonate. I also don't want to die one day with all my writing stuck in the cloud.

Essays come with all the editorial and grammatical mistakes of a writer who didn't necessarily write them for an audience. Some are pulled diary entries. Arguments aren't always logical and my word usage is superfluous.

Some of these essays I see like word paintings to capture memories. When I read them, I connect exactly to the moment of writing them. That was always the point. To capture a feeling and create a system restore function to travel back to an exact moment.

In compiling these essays, I noticed I often pull paragraphs and reuse them across different pieces, but I left them as is.