Epistemological Anarchism- Diary, Feb 2022

Epistemological Anarchism- Diary, Feb 2022

My aunt died on Valentines Day. I knew it because I couldn't sleep. I stayed up the whole night having heart palpitations. I texted my close friends to tell them I was having an anxiety attack, for no apparent reason. The same thing had happened two years back, the night my cousin had had a heart attack. My aunt also had a heart attack.

I don't need mainstream science to prove to me that our core understanding of the mind and it's relation to physics is wrong. You don't need to show studies of psychic phenomena to people who empirically experience it. Materialism is clearly bullshit. So is the idea that consciousness is produced by the brain. I'd wager that the brain is an antenna, that picks up 'consciousness'. Maybe dark matter/ energy is whatever we mean by consciousness (a word I detest). Every observable object in the universe only makes up ~5% of what exists. The rest is 'dark' matter/energy. Bullshit. It's consciousness, or whatever we mean when we talk about consciousness. That's why we can't build AGI. That's why we can't figure out the math behind intelligence. That's why Godel's Incompleteness Theorem holds.

When we drop the dogma of science that says we know how these things work we might finally start getting somewhere. I've been looking at psychic studies and if you populate the research, there is plenty of statistical evidence for psychic phenomena. I went in as skeptically as I can. Then I started playing with my mind. I watched some of the researchers I respect the most look into this stuff too. They were skeptical at first too. Now I believe Roald Dahl's Matilda isn't fictional.

Perhaps the reason why people have similar experiences on psychedelics (eg DMT takers report seeing elf-like creatures) is because the drugs change how the brain filter works. Seymour Cray, perhaps the greatest computer designer of all time, who single-handedly (yes, really!!) designed the Cray 1 Supercomputer from scratch, said he was shown how to do it by the DMT elves. If I was less scared, I would experiment. But I'm scared of where it will go. I'm scared of where I will go. I'd like to be able to build a supercomputer from scratch, but I also don't want to end up like my mother, relying on others to navigate reality on my behalf.

A new friend from Twitter randomly gave me a book An End to Upside-Down Thinking by Mark Gober. I'm anti-physicalism, so I already somewhat believe in determinism (fate?), but it was exactly the book I was looking for. It was as if someone was telling me back my own thoughts, showing me I was on the right direction. That night while I was having heart palpitations in a friends house, trapped in a room I didn't know, I kept thinking about how fucking wrong we were about physics. I knew someone I loved was dying. I knew. I could barely breathe.

A friend and I flew to Sedona, Arizona in 2018 to escape the smoke in SF when the California fires struck. While he was on calls, I ran into the local hippy town and jokingly went to see a psychic. She told me I would end up in politics and have two kids. Once in New York, walking down the streets of Soho, an older lady ran up to me and told me I had to write a book. She was a complete stranger. I used to think these people were crazy. Now I think that some of them actually see things. I realize how much I alienate the rationalist type of thinker with my uNrEpLiCaBle views.

Feryerabend was right, we need epsitemological anarachism because science is dogmatic and over-indexed on the scientific method. Of course you can't easily replicate psychic phenomena, because it's all about intention. The intention network is really fucking smart when you tune into it. One of the greatest hedge fund managers of all time is super tuned into it. He just knows. I watch him do things with his mind. Sagan, Tesla and Turing all knew that psychic powers were real. The Society of Parapsychology was lead by Nobel prize winners and the world's leading Professors. The CIA published documents that showed they used remote viewing during conflict to find hostages and planes and that it worked. But if you tweet this stuff you are seen as a lunatic.